Fair Trade Certified
A Social Consciense
High Quality Organics has been an all-organic ingredient company from day one. We have no plans to change.
A Social Consciense
Our Sustainability Pledge
We only source certified organic ingredients.
Why is this important? Because we passionately believe organic agriculture is the best way to preserve our planet, protect all people and nourish our future. Learn more about certified organic here >

Corporate SustainabilityWe are transparent.
What does this mean? As a certified organic supplier, we follow strict rules and regulations and have the paper trail to prove it. Our products are meticulously traced throughout the growing, distribution and manufacturing process and carefully tested to ensure our high standards of quality and safety are met.
View our quality control process here >

We run a sustainable business.
What does this mean? Everyone along the supply chain--from our growers to our customers--must gain value with our business transactions. Whether it’s receiving a fair wage or delivering exceptional service and high quality products, if we’re not making things better, we’re not doing our job.

We give back.
How do we do this? The sexy term is “Corporate Social Responsibility” we prefer to say, “Do the right thing”. Sharing best practice with growers around the world--whether they’re our supplier or not--helping our employees gain new skills for career advancement or investing in our local community’s food bank are just a few ways we are practicing what we preach.
USDA Organic Kosher Fair Trade Certified SQF QAI